Thermoplastic Colours

Red Rs.654/- per kg.
White Rs. 430/- per kg.
Blue Rs. 810/- per kg.
Lemon Yellow Rs.610/- per kg.
Golden Yellow Rs.600/- per kg.
Baby Blue Rs. 680/- per kg.
Baby Pink Rs. 640/- per kg.
Orange Rs.635/- per kg.
Green Rs.720/- per kg.
Black Rs. 600/- per kg.
Brown Rs. 440/- per kg.
Blue Green Rs. 620/- per kg.
Media Rs. 300/- per kg.
Purple Rs. 700/- per kg.


Insulation Materials
We are one of the largest manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and mastics for thermal insulation in the country. We are equipped with latest machineries...
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Inorganic pigments
Capricorn coatings and colours is one of the largest suppliers of ceramic pigments (stains) in the country. Our pigments are man-made materials...
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Ceramic Frits
The dinnerware, cookware and giftware industries can choose from customized unleaded glazes and glazes with low lead release, as well as a selection ...
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Enamel Frit
Capricorn coatings and colours is India’s leading supplier of porcelain enamel. Porcelain enamel is a glass that is bonded to metal...
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Capricorn strives to provide a high standard Product
Insulation material, Inorganic pigments, Enamel frit
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